John and Gini Floyd are long-time partners that have dedicated their lives and inspired their family to lift up the most vulnerable—the fatherless and widows at-risk to human trafficking.


This Father’s Day Weekend, we’re celebrating all those around the world who defend the cause of the vulnerable in our anti-trafficking network. From compassionate fathers like James Lual Atak, Peter Lomago, and Ezekiel Ayub (our indigenous partners in Sudan and South Sudan) to John Floyd (our global partner in the USA). All are needed in this journey of sharing God’s heart—the Father to the Fatherless—for the least of these!


Read John and Gini’s inspiring words for why this ministry is important to them:


Orphans and widows. In 2007, that was the impression Gini and I felt as God was putting within our hearts a desire to “defend the cause of orphans” and “fight for the rights of widows” (Isaiah 1:17).


We had a God-given passion for widows and orphans, and God opened the door for an amazing 13-year+ journey with the anti-human trafficking network that LUV leads. Throughout the years, we’ve been able to sponsor a child, as well as, help with special projects. One of the things we cherish about LUV is that we have a direct impact on children on the other side of the world coming to know Jesus Christ. Without LUV these precious lives may have never heard the gospel and could have easily been trafficked, lost to starvation, or killed by wild animals.


Throughout the years, we’ve had the privilege of seeing LUV expand its impact on the lives of so many orphans and widows. Many of these children are now graduating from high school and college! Only a God so loving, merciful and powerful could pull this off!


We’ve had the blessing of meeting many of the field leaders in person while on a trip to Kenya to discuss future medical support for orphanages and their communities. We heard first-hand their passion and love for all the children. I still remember Eugenio telling us why he risks his life so often. He simply said, “How could I not?” I think his statement captures the heart of LUV’s leaders.


We’re very excited about LUV’s direction. Under Audrey’s leadership, LUV is expanding its life-skills training to ensure each child can one day successfully move into their community, while being a light for Christ. It’s also wonderful to see LUV expanding its own food production.


Gini and I continue to pray for and support LUV because we believe in its mission.


Personally, we have never been more honored and blessed to be associated with an organization that has such a huge impact on the lives of those most vulnerable to exploitation. LUV goes where few others go, and is making a tangible impact on the lives of those the world seems to have forgotten. Our prayer is that these precious lives will never be forgotten. Who knows, maybe our combined support will nurture a wave of new evangelists, apologists, and peacemakers like the world has never seen.


One thing is for sure, whoever gives one of these a “cup of cold water” in Jesus’ name will not only be lifting up the vulnerable, but will surely be rewarded.


In honor of Father’s Day, will you make a one-time gift or begin a monthly donation?


Your gift will help us prevent the trafficking of orphans, empower widows, offer safe spaces for healing and restoration, and set the captives free!