You may be aware that Sudan has had a re-eruption of conflict and chaos over the past week. The military has taken over in a coup, arrested the prime minister, dissolved the country’s power-sharing government, and declared a state of emergency.

The future is uncertain.  


The people of Sudan have been protesting for a shared and civilian-led government since the former president Omar al-Bashir was arrested in 2019 and this is a major blow to the small steps forward the nation had made.

As of today, our partners in the Nuba Mountains (about 400 miles away from the capital, Khartoum) are safe. But their safety is tenuous at best.

This is a very serious situation that we’re monitoring very closely.  As we learn more, we will ensure that you are kept up to date. Please continue praying for the people of Sudan.  

This current crisis highlights the ongoing need for your partnership.

Protecting children from human trafficking and oppression in warzones is LUV’s unique call in this world.

Not many stand with the most vulnerable in these nations.


But you do.


And your generosity has, is, and will continue to save lives and equip children and women to be agents of change in their own lives, families, communities, and nations.

Despite wars and rumors of wars, you are helping children in our program to receive life-saving protection and quality education.

Just this week we received news that all 49 of the seniors in our high schools passed their final exams!  A tremendous accomplishment that is a testimony of the power of your prayers, support, and their gratitude, and commitment to be change agents in their communities.

Our holistic Christ-centered empowerment model has a 16-year track record of success in protecting, educating, and equipping the most vulnerable children across Sudan and South Sudan.

Our centers also provide outreach programs to advance peace and reconciliation in the surrounding communities, because we believe that love will propel Sudan and South Sudan into peace.

Indeed, this deeply-held belief in the generative and transformational power of Christ’s love in community guides and drives the mission of LUV forward.


With your continued support, we hope to do even more.