A poem by NLM alumni, now teacher, Elkanah Dut Deng for the 20th Celebration of New Life Ministry in 2023:


“Hope” is something without feathers

that perches on our souls and sings

a tune without words

and never stops at all.


The voice of one James Lual

was heard in the countryside

by 153 boys and girls… but only

16 crossed the finishing line in 2016.


Just for hope,

Cuei cok was the shelter then

Mahogany tree was the church

Gumel Gok was the first class in 2003… (Ki!)

We haven’t heard it in the chilliest lands and the strange seas.


New Life has come far

through determination, commitment

Hope and Trust in God


New Life is producing

1st doctors (Wow)

Nurses (Wow)

Teachers (Haa)

And many different professional (Biiki!)

New Life has 20 years in South Sudan (20 years? Just imagine!)


Can you see these permanent buildings

It was under Mahogany tree

When the hope and birth all started.


We will use pens and books to fight

Our enemies, never, any physical attack on anyone.

Just for hope… We return home to fight

Illiteracy, poverty, eradicate child marriage, and solve the

suffering which has burdened us.

Just for hope…


Hope for a better today

Hope for a better tomorrow

Home for a better and blessed New Life Ministry

Yes, We can Hope!