Happy LUV Day! 


Today, as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day, we reflect on the transformative power of agape love — the selfless and sacrificial love that Jesus exemplified for us and that embraces children like Ahmad*, fleeing from conflict in Sudan. 


Ahmad is a resilient 14-year-old from Darfur, whose world crumbled when his father was killed during war and his village was reduced to ashes — to this day he still doesn’t know if his mother is alive or was taken into slavery. Faced with the harsh reality of his circumstances, Ahmad had to make impossible decisions for his own survival and was conscripted as a child soldier. 


Traffickers exploit vulnerable children like Ahmad, often deprived of basic necessities, enticing them with promises of a better future. In their desperation, these youth, lacking community safety nets, are drawn into armed groups as a means of survival. 


Trained to fight alongside other child soldiers, Ahmad’s unit faced a fiercely challenging battle one day. Overwhelmed and terrified, they threw down their weapons and embarked on a perilous 600-mile journey from South Darfur to the Nuba Mountains on foot, seeking refuge.  


Upon reaching the Nuba Mountains, with the support of our donors, LUV became Ahmad’s lifeline, rescuing him from the throes of heartache, depression, and despair. Our safe home provided a haven for him to begin the challenging journey of healing from trauma. Over the past year, the staff at OFC have ministered to Ahmad and witnessed his transformation from a place of brutality to one of peace and calm, noting his diligent and hardworking spirit. 


This courageous young soul, now given the opportunity to learn, has dreams that soar higher than the ashes of his past. Ahmad aspires to be a commercial pilot, a symbol of freedom and limitless possibilities. 


His story is a testament to the transformative power of rescue and education that you can help make possible in the hardest to reach places. Ahmad’s journey is not just about survival; it’s about rising above adversity and reaching for the skies.  


On this Valentine’s Day, our mission is clear: to protect and support children escaping war in Sudan.  Will you join us?   


Your love can be the force that restores hope and transforms lives.  Click [here] to play a vital role in this love-filled mission and be part of offering life-saving care for 51 new students affected by conflict in Sudan in 2024.  


Give Protection 




  • Give Protection: Join us in securing funding to safeguard a child in Sudan. It costs $2,500 to protect one child annually, $208 per month. $48 a week, or $6 a day.  Will you make a sacrificial gift to help support a child in need? 
  • Enjoy Our Playlist: In worship, pray for the protection of the children in Sudan and feel the agape love Jesus has for you and all His children around the world. 
  • Spread Love: Our world is stressed and hurting. Small acts of compassion are needed. Download a free valentine and share it with someone you care about. 
  • Elevate Support: Help us raise funds by creating your own fundraiser to encourage peers to give. 



Thank you for being the love that changes lives. Wishing you a day overflowing with compassion, love, and joy! 



*Our commitment is to keep children safe online and because Ahmad is under the age of 18, his name was changed to protect his identity.