Many of us have turned on the TV to be immediately overwhelmed with the endless stream of bad news, tragedies both personal and national, international crises, etc.  It can be overwhelming, and the tendency is to throw up one’s hands and say, “I give up! It’s too much! What can I do!?” 

At LUV, we KNOW there is tremendous power when each of us takes small simple steps to transform the world — especially when we engage in a we-are-in-this-together approach, with a heaping dose of faith in a miracle-working God.

For over 15 years, our leaders in the US, Kenya, Sudan and South Sudan have stood witness to the power of collective impact, as like-minded partners from across the globe (THAT’S YOU!) have joined us in the impossible-made-possible work of seeking local solutions together to prevent trafficking and empower the most vulnerable children and women in warzones.

With unshakeable belief in a God whose LOVE shakes the foundations of tyranny, sheds light on the darkest of human evils, and breaks the bonds of spiritual and physical slavery and injustice, Lift Up the Vulnerable supports the only indigenously directed anti-human trafficking network that spans Sudan and South Sudan.

This miraculous work of empowerment would not be possible without committed partners who pray and give regularly to support this mission.


In the Beginning


When the anti-trafficking network began, the situation in Sudan was dire. Genocidal attacks were destroying lives, forcing populations into desperation and starvation, and creating an immediate humanitarian crisis that needed an immediate solution.

Our leaders and indigenous partners jumped into the fray and with God’s grace were able to save lives and stabilize an incredibly unstable situation such that today we have three thriving centers that provide total support for over 1,500 children and women.

With this number of precious souls receiving care and support, the leadership of LUV has a responsibility to be forward-thinking and innovative in our strategies for how we can best support the transition from childhood to young adulthood, keeping in mind the harsh realities that our high school graduates will face: weak job markets, destroyed local economies, fragile political and social institutions, and the ongoing threats of violence.


The Power of The LUV Collective Community 


In order to continue to expand our ability to serve and support more vulnerable children and women in warzones, we are growing a global giving community that we are equipping to serve, share, collaborate — and work to prevent trafficking before it starts.

As a member of The LUV Collective, you will invest in children’s protection, education, and economic empowerment, both now and in the future.

You will receive more regular monthly updates through the TLC (The LUV Collective) Report, which features prayer requests, impact stories, and updates about students and leaders.

We also will offer Zoom/Skype video conference calls with our leaders. For example, this month Eugenio Kirima, LUV’s Chief Program Officer, will be sharing stories and pictures about his recent January trip to Hope For South Sudan in an interactive Q&A!

Sign up today to get details about that exclusive TLC event.


Long-term Transformation

LUV is taking a visionary approach in 2021 that will enable the holistic, long-term development of our children.

We are progressing from meeting the urgent, near-term needs of our children to empowering the ‘whole’ child to not only reach their full potential in health and vitality, but also in school, church and community.

Your partnership through The LUV Collective giving model will enable us to expand our educational offerings, build our agribusiness program for food security, provide vocational skills-building workshops, and offer microgrants to startup businesses designed and run by our graduates.

Imagine if you were no longer overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness when you witnessed the never-ending stream of human crises in the news. What if, instead, you knew that you were a member of the most diverse community of changemakers on Earth, contributing monthly to the empowerment of another precious human soul through prayer and finances, and that your investment matters!? 

The LUV Collective is a cohesive movement of support with the magnitude to empower children, women and entire communities, and through them, transform nations.


Join us in this impossible-made-possible work today!