This situation in Sudan is worsening and fast. Thankfully, all our partners still are doing well and are safe.  All our partners are over 500 miles from the rivalry that is taking place in Khartoum. Nevertheless, program costs are rising due to the war, and we are preparing to meet emergency needs.  Our partners at New Life Ministry and Our Father’s Cleft will feel the impact of this conflict over the next months the most.    


Despite this crisis, all of LUV’s indigenous partners in Sudan and South Sudan are currently secure and the communities of our three different centers are conflict free.   


Update from New Life Ministry: Sudanese refugees are flowing all over East and North Africa. Most of the people crossing over to South Sudan are South Sudanese who have been living in Khartoum. James, the director at New Life Ministry, reported that there is a good number of refugees resettling about 45-minute drive time from the village where we will serve.  We don’t anticipate having more refugees at our free medical clinic right now due to the distance, but we’ll continue to monitor movement. Fortunately, there still is not a security concern at this time, and our leaders talk regularly as we monitor the situation. 


Update from Our Father’s Cleft: Last week, I spoke with Ezekiel, the director of Our Father’s Cleft in Sudan, and they are seeing economic and migration effects of the conflict, but not violence at this time. This means inflation is on the rise and availability of resources is on the decline. For example, last week, 1 liter of petrol was $3USD. The day we spoke it was 1 liter for $10USD (and availability is going quick).  


When I asked how the students were doing, knowing fighting is going on in their country, he shared that their fear is growing — especially for the older students who remember war. He has heard them asking, “Should we go back to the caves to hide from the bombs?”  


Ezekiel asked specifically,

Pray for our students — who remember the wounds war creates, that their hearts would remain calm as they trust in the Lord. Pray for Sudan — we don’t know what will happen or what it will mean for us in the Nuba Mountains. Pray for revival — that more hearts would turn to God. Pray for all who are suffering — starvation rates are increasing. And pray for rain — it will be our solution for food and protection.” 


As we assess the situation and the emerging needs, we will be making plans to support our anti-trafficking network and the surrounding communities in the coming weeks and months.


We want to be able to act quickly so our partners have the resources they require — sadly, the end of this chaos is not yet in sight.  


Serving in warzones, has always been our unique missional calling. It’s where the greatest exploitation takes place for vulnerable orphans, children, and women because they have nowhere else to turn for assistance.


You help keep us there. Your solidarity and support offer strength to the vision of our local leaders as they work tirelessly to serve God and protect those who are vulnerable.


We know that peace can’t be imposed, it must come up from the roots. That’s why we’re investing in local leaders to be agents of change, hope, and healing in their nations.


Please make a gift to protect children and women in warzones today.