At 50, Teresa, a remarkable women whose journey with LUV’s anti-trafficking network began at a pivotal juncture in her life. At 33, widowed and amidst the havoc of war, she navigated the responsibility of nurturing six children — three of her own and three nephews.  

In the face of adversity, our economic development initiatives became her lifeline, offering her the tools to lift up her and her family.  

Teresa’s story intertwines with the heartbeat of our programs, where not only was she supported, but where her children and nephews found educational refuge at our school.  

Starting as a humble compound cleaner, Teresa transitioned to the food service department. Despite the  scorching South Sudanese heat, she tirelessly prepared meals over open fires for hundreds of children. Yet, her passion never wavered; she served every child with maternal love, viewing them as her own. 

The fruits of LUV’s efforts radiate through Teresa’s nephews: one now a thriving business owner, another serves in a local NGO, while the youngest is on the cusp of completing high school. 

Driven by a clear vision, Teresa yearns to see LUV’s programs touch even more lives. Her heartfelt wish is that the generosity of our donors remains unwavering. She’s particularly enthusiastic about the state-of-the-art kitchen that is proposed for next year. The new kitchen is designed to enhance the working conditions for her and the team.  



For Teresa and her coworkers, the school and the new kitchen are far beyond what they could have imagined for themselves when they were children.


Alakir, a colleague and friend of Teresa, echoes a similar sentiment. Reminiscing about her younger days, she wishes she had access to the opportunities offered by LUV. However, she finds solace in the fact that her daughter, an alumna from LUV’s school, is carving her path in medicine at a local university.


At its core, our economic development programs aim to strengthen families. Widows and women we employ witness their children reaping the benefits of our educational program — providing access to opportunities that should be available to everyone.


Teresa’s story epitomizes resilience and progress, a testament to the transformational power of LUV.


Your gift this Christmas season will help fund a new kitchen and nutritious food for the children we serve.


Nourish a Future