Join LUV Strong to raise awareness and support the work that protects and empowers children vulnerable to human trafficking!


Every day, with a simple twist of a knob, clean water flows from our sinks and showers. A bus arrives nearby to pick up children for school, or a guardian offers door-to-door drop-off. With a quick call, a medical appointment can be scheduled for a check-up or urgent need. These conveniences are so typical that most of us don’t even consider what life would be like without them.


In hard-to-reach and war-torn places like Sudan and South Sudan, people constantly think about how to access essential services like education, water, and medical care. Walking far distances can become a dangerous journey, especially for children and women.


By joining LUV Strong, you can offer your support from anywhere in the world. As you exercise to strengthen children and women in Sudan and South Sudan, we hope you’ll reflect on what it means to walk a mile in their shoes.


For every mile you track, you help ease the path for the people in our LUV network.


How far will you go to empower changemakers?


Here’s how it works:

  1. WORKOUT however and wherever you like
  2. TRACK location and mileage on Strava
  3. SHARE updates on your journey
  4. ASK for donations to strengthen LUV


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