Our anti-trafficking network updates continue. Last week, I shared exciting news from Our Father’s Cleft in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Click here if you missed that report.

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News from HFSS | September 2020

Over the past year, an exciting partnership has been growing and it’s finally time to announce!

Some of you may remember that last year, our anti-trafficking network became the recipient of Rise Against Hunger meals.

At that time, I was invited to share the big dream LUV was pursing to equip and empower our indigenous partners toward food independence.

[Click here to read why farming is important for preventing human trafficking.]

I expressed that we already had passionate and trusted leaders, the experience in navigating warzones, and, even 400 acres of fertile land; but, we needed help with technical training and agriculture know-how to make our dream a reality. When Rise Against Hunger shared more about their Empowering Communities initiatives and that we would be an ideal candidate — I was more than excited!

Empowering Leaders through Nutrition-Smart Agriculture

To assist Hope for South Sudan and the surrounding community in achieving food security, improved nutrition and economic independence, Rise Against Hunger and Lift Up the Vulnerable are implementing the Empowering Leaders through Nutrition-Smart Agriculture project.

This five-year initiative aims to build capacity in crop production for consumption and income generation, and increase dietary diversity for improved nutrition among school and community participants. The project focuses on nutrition, animal husbandry, conservation agriculture and crop diversification.

Preventing human trafficking in warzones is complicated and requires an agile, integrative approach because the most vulnerable in these areas are exploited at every level.

By linking arms with Rise Against Hunger, we will be able to grow a larger and longer lasting collective impact for the communities we serve in as we take strategic steps towards self-sustainability through agriculture.

This partnership and five-year strategic initiative will be a game changer for our partners in South Sudan! Through LUV’s economic empowerment program, we support local income generation, agribusiness innovation, and other initiatives to ensure self-sustainability. Investing in children and women to be independent and innovative is a key requirement to help transform communities and reduce vulnerabilities.

Stay tuned for updates about this exciting partnership and more in the months to come.

We envision a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed.

The movement of LUV is growing! Your monthly gift will equip us to prevent trafficking and empower children and women to thrive as change agents in their own lives and communities. Join us.

With LUV,

Audrey Moore
Chief Executive Officer