In 2006, as James Lual Atak and Kimberly Smith Highland were preparing to welcome the very first short-term mission team that would visit New Life Ministry (along the border of Darfur), they learned of a newborn who had been abandoned after his mother had died in childbirth. With your support and a very harrowing rescue, James and Kimberly were able to intervene in this one baby’s life and precious “Elijah” was saved.

A movement of Love—that had been gathering and building when James first started teaching children under the trees—quickly accelerated when baby Elijah’s life was restored. The villagers began to spread word that something different and new was afoot in South Sudan. After years of war, chaos, displacement, death, and trafficking—Love was making impossible things possible again… for who saves a child that isn’t ones own? 

By the time the short term mission team and I arrived in Nyamlel (the first group to offer aid that had been to the village since anyone could remember) the impossible now possible word had spread and hundreds showed up at our free medical clinic for practical help and hope.

One day a young boy named Matthew overheard two men talking about the “rescued baby miracle.” Matthew quietly hoped that if New Life Ministry would help a baby they might also help his mother who had survived debilitating burns after she fled for her life from her trafficker. “Mary” was on foot when she ran with her small children in the dark of night. Her captor followed on horseback after he learned of her escape the next morning. It was easy to catch up. With hatred burning inside, it was also easy for him to light a match and set the too-dry bush from too-little rain on fire where Mary hid.*  

Many months later and without any medical attention, Mary came to the medical clinic for one last attempt at a miracle.

Because your love continued to equip and mobilize—Mary received more than she imagined possible. Mary was given a job (which she still serves at today), a home, free schooling for her children, and eventually a med-evacuation to Kijabi Mission Hospital in Kenya for corrective surgery on her arms.  

A year or so later when Mary learned of a family in her village who lost their grass hut in a storm, she mobilized her friends and her resources to give generously to help rebuild and restore their “sister’s home”.  

When Love makes all things possible, God-sized miracles multiply and mobilize… The one precious life of Elijah connected us to the one precious life of Mary. On and on the movement of Love grew and expanded and linked lives around the world so that today there are 1,645 precious children now lifted up and that look to LUV for hope, healing, education, food, and safety. Hundreds more indigenous staff, their growing families, the communities they live in, and onward to an unknown magnitude of lives are being transformed with God’s grace through your generosity. All together, we are lifting up at-risk women and raising up the next generation of children—who are compassionately leading the way as peace and possibility makers!

This holiday season, LUV needs God sized miracles to continue to support the children and the staff in our anti-trafficking network. 

A generous family committed to lifting up the vulnerable has extended a $100,000 MATCHING GRANT to help us on our way—our first God sized miracle at work!

Every donation you make will be doubled today through December 31st.

Here are TWO simple ways you can help!

#1: GIVE the GIFT of LUV

This Christmas, honor your family and friends while lifting up the vulnerable! When you give LUV in honor of a family member, coworker, or friend this Christmas they’ll be mailed a lovely Christmas card about the impact your donation is making in the lives of vulnerable children and women in warzones. They’ll also have the opportunity to be introduced to Lift Up the Vulnerable (and possibly be inspired to join you in the movement!).  And, they’ll receive a hope-filled reminder that Love really does makes all things possible. 



Love is contagious! Help us share the movement of LUV in warzones in one of these ways:

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Something new is afoot… and I’m on a mission to spread the impossible now possible word of how God sized miracles are transforming lives in South Sudan and Sudan. Our indigenous leaders and I need your help through personally giving, inviting, sharing, and advancing the mission of LUV around you and around the world!  

We want more to have the privilege of participating in lives transformed! Join the movement of God sized miracles today and help LUV grow, equip, nurture, encourage, and lift up the most vulnerable children and women in warzones. For nothing will be impossible with God. –Luke 1:37


With LUV,

Audrey Moore

Executive Director