Meet a few of our partners who, like you, make this mission possible through their giving, going, sharing, and serving:

Meet Louisa _ Sponsorship Intern.png

Louisa is a long term supporter of the children in South Sudan and offered to serve as a volunteer after work. Because Louisa lives in England, she takes advantage of the time zone differences so she can reach out to sponsors in the USA. We are so thankful for Louisa’s sacrifice and love to help us connect more sponsors around the world to the children in South Sudan & Sudan!

Louisa shares, “Lift Up the Vulnerable’s mission to provide consistent, sustainable care for vulnerable people through strong partnerships with indigenous partners is very important to me because it takes a pragmatic approach to preventing suffering while encouraging compassion for all.

It’s very difficult for me to imagine the hardship and struggles that the most vulnerable people in Sudan face – a region that is often overlooked due to the logistical challenges of providing help. However large these challenges may be, LUV continues to help hundreds of people on a daily basis and provide hope for the future.”

“My husband and I have been supporting an unadoptable orphan in the Nuba Mountain region for several years. We can’t go there to help but we can give a monthly donation to support and educate our little girl.” -Luella & Jim, PA

Meet Lauran Bethell.png

Lauran is a global consultant for human trafficking—encouraging new grassroots projects addressing the exploitation and abuse of women and children, many of whom are victims of trafficking. Based in the Netherlands, she travels extensively around the world to teach, train and consult. In 2004, Lauran directed the first International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP) Global Conference, bringing together the leaders of faith-based organizations from all over the world. She has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate committees as they drafted and revised U.S. anti-trafficking legislation. In 2005, Lauran was honored with the Human Rights Award of the Baptist World Alliance by President Jimmy Carter, and in 2009 she was awarded a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Palmer Seminary for her “longstanding and focused ministry of justice and compassion.” She serves on the board of LUV as spiritual director.

Lauran shares, “Abused, exploited and otherwise vulnerable women and children, living in one of the most volatile places on earth have the opportunity for protection, healing and thriving through LUV. I’m passionate about serving them in any way I can!” Read her blog at: “South Sudanese Child Auctioned as a Bride on Social Media”

“They will stop at nothing to help. No matter how dangerous or impossible, their commitment to these precious people is unmatched. It’s an honor to partner with this organization.” -Erica, TX

Meet Dr Kyle _ Medical Volunteer.png

Dr Kyle Hudgens, a neurologist from AL and a long-time child sponsor, has led LUV’s past two short-term teams to South Sudan.

Kyle shares, “My wife, Kathy, and I have supported orphans for several years under the umbrella of Make Way Partners and now Lift Up the Vulnerable. I was thrilled when I stepped onto the grounds of New Life Ministry orphanage located in the northern part of South Sudan near Darfur. The children were playing soccer and volleyball running and playing like normal kids their ages. I thought to myself, ”this is working and totally worth it”. I found the children to be bright and eager as some of them translated for me in the medical clinic.

In the clinic the stark reality of exactly how good they were doing was painfully apparent as the children from the villages outside were undernourished, small for age, and over all much less robust than their counterparts in the orphanage.

I then began to see the tremendous potential of this orphanage and I am sure the others as well. These orphanages are oasis of hope to the surrounding communities. I can see the Gospel of Christ being shared from these epicenters of hope and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus certainly saw to the tangible needs of the communities but then shared the good news of the kingdom of God. What an opportunity LUV has in this sub-Saharan bush land called South Sudan. Just think about the impact of educated Christian young South Sudanese as they take their places in society. This starts one child at a time.” Read his full report on the last medical trip at: “Faith, Hope, LUV and Medical Care in South Sudan”

“Because of the tremendous work they are doing where no others dare to go!!!” -Terri, NJ

Meet Christine.png

Christine and Faith have been growing up as a part of the mission of love being offered to children who need help at the Kenya Safe House. Their parents, Eugenio and Jane, have instilled in them a tremendous heart for the most vulnerable in our world. Both sisters visited South Sudan for the first time in August 2019.

Christine shares of her 2019 visit, “I remember the excitement I had when my dad finally told me we were going to go on a mission trip to Sudan. It was definitely the happiest time of my life, I could not wait to finally go and see where all of our kids came from and even meet some of them. When we finally got to Nyamlel I could not believe my eyes the airstrip was full of children from the villages and also from New Life who had come to welcome us making us feel like we were home away from home. After the welcome at the airstrip we were taken to the compound and we were shown where we would be sleeping I was so excited since were like on a camping trip. James then took us on a tour of the grounds. It was so amazing and very well organized and each building was well structured there was a lot of room for the kids to interact with each other in the field during breaks. What was even better was the new clinic he was building which would provide more space and have more services to offer. It was very encouraging to see how much he truly cared for the community around him and how with the help of Lift up the Vulnerable he could bring his vision to life.  I had an amazing time.”

Faith shared, “The kids were also the most precious part of my trip. We managed to make a lot of friends and interact with various children who told us about their background. What touched me the most is despite how many of them had a difficult upbringing none of them had let it define them. I remember one day after my sister Christine had finished giving them a talk about career choices some of them walked up to us and told us that what we shared had encouraged them and would give them something that they could always remember when times get hard.  I was so touched and humbled and I remember thinking of how much I admired them because they made no excuses for themselves and they were very determined. They had a lot of faith and hope that God will make a way for them. At night we could hear them singing and worshiping God. The children there are so beautiful and kind and there smiles are just everything.   

This trip has made me see there is so much that can be done to help the children in South Sudan and has also taught me to be more appreciative in life and to always remember that no matter what God has a plan for every single person. My trip to Sudan has been the highlight of the year. I also want to thank Lift Up The Vulnerable for providing these children with their day to day necessities, for providing us an opportunity to spread Gods word, to spread faith and love. I will forever remember this trip.

For years, my family has been blessed to house and look after many South Sudanese children in our Nairobi home. And I, for the longest time had wished to visit the country where these little angels came from. I was finally here, I was finally in their homeland and I was here to serve this wonderful people. My heart was full.

The sincere gratitude from all those who attended the clinic was undeniable and indeed none of this would have been possible without the support of wonderful people from all over the world who chose to share the love of Christ with the people of South Sudan. They chose to give of their resources to support the medical mission and through this, touched the lives of people living miles away not only in receiving treatment, but in hearing the word of God, and that is an eternal gift.”

Meet John Van Rens.png

John Van Rens and his wife Sarah have been long-time supporters of the orphan-care network in Sudan and South Sudan. In 2018, John joined the board of directors for LUV and serves as the board secretary and spiritual director. He shares, “Having grown up in Canada as a child of uneducated immigrants from the Netherlands I suffered, for various reasons, some of the isolation that even a Western European immigrant can face when entering a somewhat closed rural environment. I calculate that this, along with my understanding that Jesus of Nazareth calls us to identify with the poor and in some way be the poor, formed me in such a way as to have empathy for those who suffer both individually and corporately. My parents lived through WWII and I held before my eyes the suffering of the Jewish peoples. When I started playing trumpet in high school and listening to jazz my empathy for those of the African American community expanded. This occurred without any personal interactions with individuals from these backgrounds as the community I lived in was without their presence.

I consider myself fortunate to see in the needy something I can participate in and expand from. I believe that this could also be an endless source of prayer and I have long given of my time by volunteering in homeless shelters through my churches in New York City. To provide for the orphans of South Sudan was an easy move for me. Violence and corruption are not always easily corrected but to provide for the innocents left in the wake of calculated horror is easily identifiable as a good. How often does the scripture make reference to the widow and the orphan?”

“An organization led with the strength of humility that actually makes a tangible and life-changing differences in the lives of so many who are otherwise not reached by anyone else.” -Melissa, PA

Meet Faith _ Social Media Guru.png

Faith is a High Point University student that has been interning with LUV for the past two semesters. We are thankful for her creativity, innovation, and service and want to give you a behind the scenes peek at LUV’s amazing volunteers.

Faith shares, “I have always had a heart and passion for service especially against violence and human trafficking. LUV’s mission to lift up the vulnerable is something I fully support and enjoy continually learning about through various tasks and working on social media projects. This internship is a very valuable experience because I get to be creative and share my passions with the world while supporting a valuable cause.”

“The IPC Foundation supports all that you do, and we pray every day for both the children and women you are helping but also for the safety of your team. This is not easy work, but you are changing lives for the better.” -Denise, AL


Martha Boshnick and her family (husband Bill and sons Alec & Andy) have been child sponsors since 2009. Martha advocates for peace and justice with the Darfur Interfaith Network in Washington, DC. As a deeply compassionate volunteer, Martha launched the first New Life Ministry library (along the border of Darfur) collecting, packing, and overseeing a cargo shipment of hundreds of books from the USA to South Sudan when our children moved into their first home at New Life Ministry to ensure her family in South Sudan had the same access to resources as her same aged sons in the US.

Martha shares, “My family and I have really enjoyed sponsoring children through Make Way Partners, now Lift Up the Vulnerable, for over 10 years. Writing letters to our children has been a very positive educational experience for all of us. We have formed strong bonds with these precious kids that I am sure will last a lifetime. Every summer we look forward to receiving our letters from our children.

The life these children live in the Sudans is unimaginable for most of us. Poverty, lack of medicine, education, and clean water, droughts and floods, and wars, child soldiers and child trafficking is their reality. The indigenous leaders on the ground, providing shelter, education, protection and love, are saving many lives. These leaders are angels on earth. LUV can not help them without our financial support. I encourage everyone to get involved and join this battle and do all that they can to help this wonderful organization. LUV is helping to raise these children to be the next generation of peace makers. These kind, loving, beautiful people in Sudan and South Sudan need our love and support.”

Then, add your voice! We’d love to hear and share why you support LUV. Contact us today.