It’s Friday.

The anxiety. The pain. The betrayal. The long, dark night.

But Sunday’s Coming.

It’s Friday.

The loss. The lack. The fear. The abuse of power. The death of a dream.

But Sunday’s Coming.

It’s Friday.

The waiting in secret. The uncertainty. The grief, the grief, the grief.

But Sunday’s Coming.

Hannan knows this to be true.

While growing up in a warzone Hannan was intimate with death and familiar with suffering. Yet, she tenaciously held onto hope that Invincible Love would break down barriers of “impossibilities” for her life and her community. About ten years ago, our anti-trafficking network invested in Hannan as she finished high school and then entered nursing school in Uganda.

Last year, Hannan graduated from her nursing school program! Since December, she has been mobilized and serving as an intern at a small hospital near to Hope For South Sudan. But what started off as a normal internship now finds Hannan working in one of the few places in South Sudan were a confirmed COVID-19 case has been identified.

LUV’s mission is to lift up vulnerable children and women at-risk to human trafficking and oppression. In so doing we are raising up, equipping, and empowering the next generation of peace-and-possibility-makers in warzones. Hannan will lead the way as she applies her skills to serve her community during such a time as this!


Invincible Love Made Manifest. 

Bursts forth from impossibilities.

Restores all things.

Always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres, always wins.


For nothing will separate us from Invincible Love, neither height, nor depth, nor any other created thing… *

Easter Sunday is coming. For you, for me, for our families, for the world, for the most vulnerable we are lifting up together. Hold on.

With prayers and love,

Audrey Moore

Chief Executive Officer

*Romans 8:38-39