LUV Day—aka Valentine’s Day—is a day to amplify love put into action in the service of others. This Love in Action protects and empowers the vulnerable in our communities and in the warzones of Sudan and South Sudan.

To celebrate the true meaning of Valentine’s Day this year, Lift Up the Vulnerable asks that you give LUV to our world’s most vulnerable children and women all month long. Your generosity will provide safety, health and opportunity to orphans and widows in Sudan and South Sudan who desperately need our love and support right now. Lack of healthcare, food insecurity and the constant threat of violence and trafficking have been amplified by the global pandemic and economic shutdown, and the orphans of Sudan are being most severely impacted.

Through the power of the LUV network, these children can find hope through faith. They can access education, career pathways and economic empowerment that will help them reach their full potential and develop the leadership skills to heal their communities from within.

Celebrating LUV all month long provides an opportunity for friends, families, colleagues, and community groups to share LUV locally and impact lives globally. Will you join us in giving hundreds of children the gift of love this month?

Here are three simple ways to get ready for #LUVDay2021.


1. Give LUV All Month Long

Join our crowdfunding campaign during the entire month of February in honor of Valentine’s Day!

The goal is to share our message of LUV with new audiences and bring critical resources to the children of Sudan and South Sudan who desperately need us right now. When you participate in our “Give LUV All Month” Campaign on by setting up a page and sharing it with your friends, colleagues and contacts. It only takes about 10 minutes to join our campaign as a Team Member. Joining is quick and easy, and by helping us spread the word, you can amplify our impact at a time when millions of orphans are suffering without hope.  When you join, we’ll send you our toolkit with helpful tips and tricks to make Spreading LUV easy!

Click here to visit the “Give LUV All Month” campaign page and click “Join” to get started.

2. Share LUV :

Host a Virtual LUV Awareness Event. Here are some ideas:

  • Invite Friends to a ZOOM Valentine’s Day party and introduce them to LUV with free videos and talking points sent to you.

  • Host a LUV Day ZOOM Lunch & Learn with your co-workers with free resources to share about the global issues of human trafficking and how LUV is protecting and empowering vulnerable children and women in warzones. Sharing about LUV is easy with the tools we provide, but you can also host a speaker in your community to share on LUV Day! Contact us today at

3. Shop Consciously:

  • Gift a Be the LUV you want to see in the world shirt – order early for on time delivery! Shop Our Store
  • Remember, not all Valentine’s Day Chocolate is created equal. Consider finding a fair-trade chocolate or alternative gift to share with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
  • Participate in Alternative Gift Giving and send Valentine cards to your loved ones with a donation of any size to LUV. This Valentine’s Day, honor your family and friends while lifting up the vulnerable! When you make a donation in honor of a family member, coworker, or friend they’ll be mailed or emailed a meaningful “Happy LUV Day” Valentine’s Day card about the impact your donation is making in the lives of vulnerable children and women in warzones.

*Valentine’s Cards for your children’s classmates can also be specially requested. Honor Cards must be submitted by February 7 for mailed delivery by the 14th.