A sobering report from our partners in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan reminds me why we started this work: to stand strong with those who are most vulnerable to exploitation but have little to no opportunity for help.


While the world looks away, your prayers and support equip us to uplift the children and women who have only known war; yet are now flourishing in the midst of it.


From Our Father’s Cleft (OFC), LUV’s partners in Sudan:


“The hardest time was when war erupted from the heart of Sudan that is Khartoum the capital city of Sudan. Sorrow-upon-sorrow, day-after-day aerial bombardment, artillery shelling, women being raped in front of their husbands and men being killed in front of their wives and children… massacres in Darfur… the worst of all is if any person wants to flee from Khartoum to the nearby states for safety. For example, if Nubians want to come to Nuba mountains and are found by the militia soldiers they are beaten, raped, and even some are killed. Others are left a half death and they could not reach their destination. Some of our relatives fleeing Khartoum got lost and we don’t know whether they are alive or dead.”


Indiscriminate and targeted attacks are now the norm in an already fragile state. To add to the suffering, resources like food, medicines, and supplies are hyperinflated and availability is desperately low. An estimated 4 million people have fled their homes.


Amid this new chaos, our local teams serving the most vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan are working tirelessly to provide a safe, nurturing, and stable place for children and women to be protected and empowered to thrive.


Including recent alumni Niguwan and Henry who recently took their entrance exams for university — and were the top scoring girl and boy for the entire region!


A message from OFC leaders,

“We thank our donors for standing with us and providing us with all our necessities during this difficult time and despite all the hardships and difficulties that we went through we still see the ray of hope. Our students worked extremely hard and God helped us attain the best grades and our school is the best in the region because the 27 of us all passed with flying colors — while Henry, the top boy studying art, received the highest marks and Niguwan, the top girl studying science, was the next best.We are grateful for every support that you accorded unto us and that you will continue. May God bless you and prolong your ages to help the orphans and vulnerable children around the globe.” 


Both Henry and Niguwan are single orphans who suffered profoundly as children during past conflict in Sudan. Because of partners like you, they had a place to come to for protection, education, mentorship, and healing.


For these alumni to secure this academic achievement is also added encouragement for OFC’s leaders as they continue to pour out God’s compassion by serving those who are the most vulnerable in their communities.


With your help, we are raising up the next generation of peacemakers to transform their world with love.


To help us meet the increasing needs in the area, would you make a one-time or monthly gift to uplift the students and equip our leadership team in Sudan?

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Please continue to keep Sudan, LUV’s local leaders, and students at Our Father’s Cleft in your prayers. 


“May your unfailing love be with us, LORD, even as we put our hope in you.” – Psalm 33:22