It takes courage to survive in Sudan and South Sudan, where war, poverty, and trafficking have been rampant for decades. This courage against all odds is seen in many of the hope-filled heroes that you help us protect, educate, and empower — like the lives of Mary and Lual.

Mary and her children experienced the trauma of trafficking when they were kidnapped during a raid on their village. They were sold into slavery in Sudan and years later endured a harrowing escape — where Mary was burned alive trying to protect those dearest to her.

Months after their escape, Mary came to LUV exhausted, covered in burns, and with her young family in tow. 

In the midst of widespread exploitation, LUV is there

Our unique calling guides us to protect and empower the most vulnerable children and women in devastated and war-torn communities. In doing so, we have supported children like Lual, one of Mary’s youngest sons, to become the heroes they were destined to be.

Lual age 5


While his mother was healing with the support from LUV’s anti-trafficking network, Lual joined our education program and entered the first grade in 2007.

LUV’s program provided Lual with formal education and holistic mentorship to heal the deep trauma of being born into conflict and oppression. At LUV, we know that children need nourishment and spiritual guidance to reach their full potential, and only when the most vulnerable are cared for can communities begin to transform.

 Lual’s life began with tremendous suffering, but thanks to the compassion and generosity of our partners, he will soon be the first in his family to graduate high school this December with 48 other seniors in our anti-trafficking network! 


Celebrate and give thanks with us, for the young women and young men who have faced all odds and persevered!  

Will you make a gift this season to help even more children like Lual find hope and healing?

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