I was deeply inspired this past February by how the LUV community stepped forward to stand up for the children in Sudan affected by conflict. Your generosity, prayers, and compassion helped us welcome in 51 new children that have been displaced by the war in Sudan and in just one month we raised enough resources to fully support 10 of them for a whole year. This is a tremendous accomplishment!

Meet some of the students you helped us protect:


One such child is Romani*, whose story reflects the harsh realities faced by many in Sudan. After enduring months on the run, Romani and his mother have finally found safety. His home city of Omdurman (a critical point for supply routes near to Khartoum) was besieged by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), his house was destroyed, their goods were taken, and his family’s lives upended. As his family separated in the chaos, his father and sister ran one way, some of his siblings another, and his mother and he headed south.


In heartbreaking words, Romani shared about the uncertainty surrounding his separated family members, saying,


“I don’t know whether they are alive or dead.” 


After fleeing for 500 miles and with nowhere else to turn, Romani’s mother sought support for her 12-year-old son, and thanks to your help, he was brought into our school in February.


This lifeline of care you help us offer is critical for children fleeing from conflict, displaced from their community, and at greater risk of exploitation and trafficking.  The children you help us protect are fleeing the war that is engulfing the entire country as they come from the north near Khartoum and west in Darfur toward the Nuba Mountains. At last count, close to 476,000 people have resettled in this region. Few with means for housing, food, or medical attention — and in an already fragile community, the demands for services are being exasperated, creating huge inflation spikes and limited access to resources.


This means the safe spaces you help LUV create allow children like Romani to begin the healing journey from the trauma they’ve endured, offering them a glimmer of hope for a better future. Romani expressed his gratitude, saying,


“I thank God for the opportunity he has given me to be in ofc school. I want to be a teacher to teach people when I grow up.”


Yet, the need remains urgent. There are countless more children and families in the region seeking refuge from conflict, overwhelming our teams by their needs and desperation.  Our commitment to transforming lives in Sudan and South Sudan during conflict remains steadfast.


As we approach Easter week, the resurrection hope is this — that Christ came to set the captives free, bind-up the brokenhearted, and to make all things new once again.  As we await His ultimate return, our mission is to usher in a movement of hope and healing by extending compassion to all those in need; especially standing with orphans and widows in their distress.


There is still time to make a difference to help us save more lives in Sudan.  Every contribution, no matter how big or small, plays a crucial role in crafting a brighter, safer future for those vulnerable in Sudan and South Sudan.


The love you share has the power to transform lives, and we look forward to the journey ahead as we continue to lift up the vulnerable together.


Stand with kids like Romani today: 

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