In the heart of South Sudan’s challenging landscape, a remarkable story unfolds, one that embodies the spirit of resilience and hope. Meet eight-year-old Elena*, the youngest child finding solace in our safe haven near the troubled region of Darfur.


While children around the world eagerly anticipate gifts, Elena finds joy in the simple consistency of meals and a safe place to lay her head. She radiates a profound strength, proving that hope can thrive even in the harshest environments.


Reflecting on her experience with us, Elena said,

“I joined primary school this year and was enrolled in class 1C. I am a single orphan. My father died from an unknown disease. My mother gave birth to three children, one boy, and two girls. My two siblings are with my grandmother since we don’t have a place to call home. My mother survives in the market where she begs for food and sometimes draws water for the tea makers in the market in exchange for food. Life was full of challenges before I was enrolled here. My grandmother could not afford to offer us the best care.”  


Now under LUV’s care, Elena discovered not just refuge but a lasting friendship. Ajok*, another child battling similar hardships,quickly became her confidante and sister. Together, they share dreams of a brighter future: Elena wants to be a nurse, while Ajok dreams of being a teacher.


Their goals for the future are championed by John Akoon, an inspiring teacher with a commitment that goes beyond academics. He creates an environment of trust, ensuring that every child, regardless of their past, sees a future filled with potential.


The challenges faced by vulnerable girls like Elena and Ajok in South Sudan, can seem insurmountable. But within the protective embrace of LUV, and with your support, they are not only safeguarded but empowered, poised to create a brighter future.


Elena stands as a beacon of hope, a testament to the transformative change God makes possible through your generosity. As a “face of safety”, she represents countless others yearning for security, education, and hope.


Elena is transforming the world with LUV.  Would you help us protect more children like her today?


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