Petra’s* seizures started shortly after she was enrolled in our anti-trafficking network in May.

Her aunt, overburdened by caring for Petra and her unique medical needs plus her younger sister and brother, brought the children to our anti-trafficking network partners in Nuba, Sudan with a plea for help.

Petra, 12, Kuku*, 10, and Sarah*, 8, lost their mother five years ago when the vehicle she was riding in overturned in an accident. Both Petra and Kuku survived the crash. Their mother died on the spot.

The children’s father had disappeared after Sarah had been born and was never seen again.

Alone in the world and growing up in a warzone, Petra had been witness to bombardments, violence, loss, hunger, poverty, trafficking, and death too early in her life and for far too long.

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When the seizures started, our anti-trafficking networks leaders sprung into action to get Petra the care she needed. The local doctors and hospitals in Nuba, with limited resources, weren’t able to determine the root cause of Petra’s seizures. Our leaders worked together to bring her to our Kenya Safe House while they travelled to our LUV Leadership Summit in Nairobi this past September. Due to the remoteness of the Nuba Mountains, it took five days and thousands of dollars to bring Petra to Kenya to receive the medical attention she deserved.

After many comprehensive tests and brain scans, doctors concluded that Petra’s PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) was so severe that it led her little body into massive seizures, wiping her out for hours.

Thanks to our leaders at the Kenya Safe House and the medical team at Kijabi Missions Hospital in Kenya, Petra has already begun to receive the long-term healing trauma-informed care that her mind, body, and heart require.

Children growing up in the war-torn nations of Sudan and South Sudan face the tremendous adversity of being orphaned and vulnerable to human trafficking every day.

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