In my dream, I want to be a peacemaker…


“Sam” is twelve and in the fifth grade. He’s been living, learning, and growing at Hope For South Sudan (along the border of Uganda) for over three years.

When Sam was orphaned, he was at high risk of trafficking and exploitation. At age 9, he found himself living alone with his brother and trying to simply survive in a war-ravaged community.

According to the 2020 Trafficking In Persons Report on South Sudan, “Violent conflict continued throughout the year, resulting in approximately 1.5 million internally displaced persons and 2.2 million refugees as of December 2019. These groups, including orphaned children, are at increased risk of trafficking and other forms of exploitation within South Sudan and neighboring countries. Unaccompanied minors in camps for refugees or internally displaced persons are particularly vulnerable to abduction by sex or labor traffickers.”

Out of millions of vulnerable children, Sam and his brother were found, rescued, and offered life-saving care. With your help, impossible transformation is made possible for little ones — like Sam — growing up in warzones.

Scripture reminds us that generosity begets generosity. (Luke 6:37-38, Mark 4:24-25, Luke 8:16-18 MSG)

Today, Sam is living proof of this — the generosity extended to him has transformed his life and inspires his vision for the future…


Read from his own words:


“The reason why I was brought here to Hope for South Sudan, because my father was killed by unknown gunmen when he was going back home from the garden.

Unfortunately, he was killed and we were left alone miserable. From that time, I and my brother were brought to HFSS and it was by God’s grace that am here. Thanks all my dear new friends for helping me to study and come this far. I honor you all. God bless you.

In my dream, I want to be a peacemaker because my country is not stable, every time and then people are dying because of war. I pray baba God that everlasting peace shall prevail to this country South Sudan (the last born country). 

The game I enjoy most is football it’s my hobby. And what scares me is that pandemic called coronavirus because it has killed thousands of people monthly and every day and even prevent us from schooling and not going for Sunday service programme.

I want to become a donor in future just like you so that I can also help some people like what you people are doing now is something great. I thank you all.”


Double Your Impact


At LUV, we envision a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered, and, through them, war-torn nations are transformed.

With your help, we can eliminate the exploitation of vulnerabilities, provide freedom, and restore hope.

Let’s prove how united the world can be when we lift up the vulnerable together!


Today through December 31st, every donation will be doubled up to $100,000!