Lift Up the Vulnerable has both USA-based and Kenya-based teams that work together to serve and support our anti-trafficking network spanning Sudan and South Sudan. In December of 2022, we had the privilege of strengthening our Kenya team by adding two new project coordinators based in Nairobi. These leaders will help with monitoring and evaluation, program development — like agriculture, girls empowerment, trauma-informed care, and new economic development initiatives — and coordinating logistics for LUV’s three network locations.


Today, I’m excited to introduce you to one of these leaders: Eustace Mwiti! 


Eustace graduated with a Master’s in Public Policy and Management from the Corvinus University of Budapest in Hungary and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. He is passionate about youth empowerment and mentorship as well as community service. Earlier in his career, Eustace worked in the private sector in Research and ICT fields. Driven by the desire to serve the public in a role that directly impacted people’s lives, he later took up the opportunity to work in the Government of Kenya as a Program Officer for a youth program that entails training, innovation, and mentorship. Eustace is passionate about using his skills, knowledge, and abilities to positively impact society.


I invited Eustace to share more with you about why he felt compelled and called to serve with this ministry.


Eustace writes,


I grew up in a Christian family where my parents kept reminding us on the importance of helping the less fortunate. I remember there was a time when there was a biting drought and famine in Kenya and some neighboring communities would move up to our area begging for foodstuff. Even though we were kids then, my parents had asked us that if such people came and found us home we needed to treat them well and give them food. I have also grown up in a country hosting many refugees, especially from Somali and South Sudan, all due to war. Some are my neighbors and friends here in Nairobi and they have shared their stories with me. Most recently, I have just returned from Budapest where I, again, saw first-hand the suffering from people especially women and children fleeing from the war in Ukraine. All these situations have made me aware of the pain and agony wars and other calamities bring to people — especially women and children and the need to be supportive to them in any little way possible. Therefore, when the opportunity to join Lift Up the Vulnerable came I felt it was exactly what I wanted. I have always wanted to serve in a position where my little efforts would change people’s lives especially the vulnerable in the society. 


My first month at Lift Up the Vulnerable has been nothing short of amazing. It’s been a learning period with very supportive colleagues. Working with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds — LUV Kenya Team, LUV USA Team and the Sudan/South Sudan Team — for a common purpose is an exciting experience. I look forward to wonderful journey serving those who are vulnerable with you. 


LUV envisions a world where vulnerable children and women are empowered and, through them, war-torn communities are transformed. In these uncertain times, our work now is more critical than ever. Your prayers and financial partnership will help us save lives.


More good news to come. Stay tuned!