Lars Hasseler has set his sights on running 100 km in 2021 and preventing human trafficking in warzones. My goal is to run two UltraMarathons in 2021 (a combined total of 100 km) and raise over $5,000 to protect children from slavery.”


Lars, a father of one and army veteran recently shared, “I’ve been a casual runner since enlisting in the Army in 2007. The Army motivated me to push past myself and what I thought I could do. In the last year, I started thinking an ultramarathon was within reach and I began training. We regularly underestimate our capabilities, and I want to begin pushing my mind as well as my body to aim higher and dig deeper. Ultrarunning will do all of that.”


As a LUV Ambassador, Lars offered to use his goal of running two UltraMarathons as a platform to raise awareness and resources for Lift Up the Vulnerable.  First up is the Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail 50k in King George, VA.


He explained, “I traveled to Swaziland and South Africa in the summers of 2005 and 2006, and I saw firsthand extreme poverty. What I came to discover is that there are even higher rates of poverty in Sudan and South Sudan; combined with forced labor, trafficking, exploitation, and danger from war. For over fifteen years, I’ve been supporting this ministry. LUV provides safety, housing, physical and emotional rehabilitation, and opportunities through education and training to children and women who are most vulnerable in conflict-zones.


LUV goes where most people won’t or can’t, loving those whose daily concerns are basic needs that I take for granted. Children and women who suffer most in these environments will be the recipients of anything you give.”


To support this UltraMarathoner running for an ultra-important cause, follow the link below OR start your own fundraising campaign:




No matter where you live or how old you are, you can help prevent human trafficking in warzones—and you can start right now.


You can take meaningful action in your local community to raise awareness and resources that prevent trafficking and empower lives. There are endless ways to raise money and awareness!


To get you started, follow the link for some of our favorite ideas for fundraising: What will you do to prevent human trafficking?


Your generosity offers protection, education, economic development, and restores hope. Transform the world with LUV (and Lars) today!