We are excited to announce our newest corporate sponsor: Vasu Tolia Fine Art!


Vasu is a self-taught artist who found her passion for visual arts after retiring from the medical field. Through her representational and abstract paintings, she aims to capture the serene beauty of the natural world. Vasu is particularly drawn to depicting women in various roles and translating intangible thoughts and emotions into images that convey stories. Vasu strives to capture the essence of different cultures from her travels in her work . She approaches each painting series thematically, working to transform the ordinary into something mystical yet relatable. Her vibrantly colorful paintings have an allure that makes a lasting impression.


Through her artistic endeavors, Vasu is deeply committed to several missions close to her heart and will donate a portion of the funds from the sale of her artworks and by-products for these causes. She is looking for collaboration with charities from her creations.


In one such way, Vasu wants to empower women to overcome obstacles and find their rightful place in the world. Her depictions of women in various roles aim to inspire and uplift. In this desire, she is generously partnering with Lift Up the Vulnerable and donating 20% of the profits from art sales by purchasers who notate LUV as their preferred charity during the check-out process.


Artist Vasu Tolia shares,


I am an artist impassioned by leveraging art as a means to bring about positive change and support causes dedicated to uplifting and empowering vulnerable communities worldwide. LUV organization’s steadfast commitment to transforming the lives of those affected by poverty, exploitation, and human trafficking resonates deeply with my artistic endeavors aimed at making a meaningful impact on humanity through art. As an artist, I have witnessed the inherent power of art in offering healing, empowerment, and a voice to those often marginalized and oppressed. Art has the potential to shine a light on untold stories, evoke empathy, and catalyze social change, echoing Lift Up The Vulnerable’s mission to provide holistic support and dignity to vulnerable populations.


To view and purchase art with impact from Vasu’s collection and help uplift children and women vulnerable to human trafficking in warzones, please visit: vasutolia.art


We are honored for Vasu’s support in uplifting those who are most vulnerable to exploitation through her compassion and artwork.