Children in Sudan and South Sudan often struggle to survive after violence, and human trafficking destroys their families.

Over the past 17 years, I’ve witnessed the impossible hardships communities and individuals have experienced and the transformation God has made possible through your compassionate generosity.



On my first trip to South Sudan, a young girl named Elizabeth shared with us about the raid upon her village and the death of her family. She had nowhere to go for rescue until God’s people began to unite worldwide to stand with her — to protect and empower her.

The investments of protection, food, education, love, and care for her wellbeing desperately mattered to Elizabeth. I still remember her words as she told us that she had experienced God’s love with her because she had not been forgotten.



“Emmanuel, God With Us” is this act of love in action — comforting, restoring, and healing our heartbroken world.

As the video above and Elizabeth both name, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” is also the cry of the orphan and trafficking victim for deliverance and rescue.

Over and over again, LUV’s partners stepped up to join God’s redemption movement and be a catalyst for change. They are living out our invitation to “defend orphans and widows in their distress.”*

Lift Up the Vulnerable exists to prevent human trafficking in the hardest to reach and most dangerous places, where little to no help is available.

We are asking you to join us on our mission of empowering the most vulnerable people this holiday season. 

Through your generosity and LUV’s locally led protection, education, and economic development programs, trafficking is stopped, and transformation can occur. In 2023, we have big plans to expand our high schools, increase our economic development activities through farming, deepen our female empowerment programs, and uplift many more children and women vulnerable to exploitation.

But we can’t do it without you. Thousands of children and women in warzones need rescue. Will you help?

There are just a few days left to give and double your impact through our matching gift.

Will you stand with LUV as we prevent thousands of vulnerable children and women from being trafficked in 2023? They need your help more than ever.